The first AI powered hookah, that learns your smoking habits.

Now anybody can enjoy the full flavour of tobacco like never before.



Enjoy the full taste of tobacco.
Make the heavy smoke cloud you love.
Enjoy the steady flavor all along.


Instant smoking anywhere.
Enjoy the luxury of electrical heat management instead of coals.
Delight in the hookah that lasts all day.


Let it adapt to your preferred smoking intensity.
Control everything with the smartphone app.
Join the community of smokers and earn smoking points.


The First AI powered Electronic Hookah Ever

Hookamonk is exclusive hand-made equipment for your hookah to make it wholly electronic while allowing you smoking genuine tobacco, not any e-liquid imitations.

It is applicable to any type of hookah. Thanks to battery pack it can last all day without access to the mains. Nothing changes or disturbs your smoking ritual. With Hookamonk, you’ll enjoy the truly thick smoke cloud, the best taste you’ve ever experienced and almost effortless care of your hookah.

Exclusive hookah equipment

Acquire the hand-maid electronic hookah head with special heat management designed to save effort and improve the smoking experience.

Smart hookah control app

Through the Hookamonk application, set up your smoking intensity and check the smoking duration. Earn crypto coins as you smoke!

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We had a dream: To smoke the best hookah ever. We were never fully satisfied with those available in the market. So we made it ourselves.

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