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We present warp

Game changer in hookah world

First fully electronic hookah set for tobacco.

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Game changer in hookah world

Key features

Warp is completely charcoal-less hookah. Tobacco is heated by spirals controlled by a smart electronic device. No more dirty jobs and bad smells at your place.

You only need a shishaman to fill the bowl with tobacco. Warp does the rest and takes care of a pleasant smoking experience throughout the session, no other assistance needed.

You will pay us at the end of each month based on the number of sessions served. We earn when you earn. You earn, when your customers enjoy Warp sessions at your place. A truly win-win-win situation.

There is no e-liquid in Warp. You can use any tobacco you love and enjoy its clear taste.

Hookamonk consists of hooka box, computer and the electronic head with our patented shisha funnel and heat management system. No other stuff needed, you can enjoy your smoking session just 12 minutes after unpacking the device.

The Lounge App helps the lounge staff to manage Warp devices. It features an overview of running table sessions, monitors sessions run time, maintenance status and allows remote control of all devices.

With Warp, the taste of tobacco remains full and constant during the entire session. No extra tweaking needed and even hookah beginners can shine with a delicious hookah.

Charcoals can easily burn your precious club furniture. No more burn marks with Warp.

Warp electronic head reacts to inhales. The tobacco heats up only when you breathe in, constantly maintaining the ideal temperature. No more unpleasant sessions caused by poor charcoal management.

Whether you like your hookah stronger or smoother, you can change its intensity on display or in your mobile app.

Warp is kept up to date thanks to its wi-fi connection. All our devices are updated automatically on a regular basis.

Mobile app for Android and iOS. You can use it to change the intensity of your hookah or create a diary with your sessions.

Game changer in hookah world

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✓ Fixed monthly fee
✓ Transparent pricing
✓ No hidden charges
✓ For personal use only


For workspace

✓ No initial down payment
✓ Monthly rental charge
✓ Transparent pricing
✓ Additional services


For hookah lounge

✓ No initial down payment
✓ Monthly payments based on the number of Warp sessions served


What they think


[photo] Hookamonk box product photo

“Warp is great. No problems, no charcoals, no bad smell. I’ve been trying different tobacco loadings, I am really getting used to it. There is absolutely nothing to complain about.”


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Satisfied Warp users


Warp sessions

Game changer in hookah world

Hookamonk story

Always on the go

Looking for new challenges, our team of curious and passionate hookarians did it again!

Our goal was to bring the first working electronic hookah to the market. And finally we have done it! We are happy to announce our proud creation: WARP!

The original motivation

Behind this was our own frustration over the messy-complication of using traditional charcoal as a source of heat.

We wanted to revolutionise the hookah-smoking world, and bring it in line with modern technology.

We are not the first to try this, many have and failed, but we are the first to succeed and bring our innovation to the global markets.

[photo] Hookamonk box product photo

Game changer in hookah world

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[photo] Hookamonk box product photo

Game changer in hookah world

Hookah catering

Our passion and devotion to hookahs bring a new culture and experiences during your social gatherings.

Premium hookah catering

For various occasions: celebrations, garden parties, weddings, corporate or business events, festivals.

Our professional team

Will provide you with premium service and an extraordinary experience throughout your events.

Hookahs create unique opportunities

For relaxation, socialization, networking, meditating or brainstorming.