Hi-tech unique solution for demanding users

If you want hookamonk for your lounge please contact us on email: sales@hookamonk.com

Heating only by electronics

There are no charcoals in hookamonk. All heating is made by spiral heated from electronic devices in head. Tobacco is heated the same way as in classic hookah only charcoals are replaced by the spiral.

Smart inhale detection

Electronic head reacts to inhales. When you breathe in, it will warm the tobacco, when you don't smoke it maintains the temperature.

No staff

You need shishaman only to fill the bowl with tobacco. There is no need to take care about charcoals and change them during the session.

No burnt furniture

If there are charcoals, there are no cinders that could damage your couch, chairs or table.

You pay as you smoke

Hookamonk is not for sell. Lounges pay only for finished sessions.

New features updated automatically

Hookah is still connected to wifi. You will receive every update automatically.

First electronic hookah for tobacco

There is no e-liquid in hookamonk. You can use any tobacco you love and enjoy its clear taste.

Intensity regulation

Whether you like your hookah stronger or smoother, you can change its intensity on display or in your mobile app.

Compatibility with other hookahs

Electronic head is possible to place on most of the usual hookahs, heat managements and bowls.

Consistent taste

With hookamonk, the taste of tobacco remains still the same during the session.

Lounge app

The Lounge App helps lounge staff to manage Hookamonk devices. It features an overview of running table sessions, monitors session run time, maintenance status and allows to remotely control the hookahs.

Mobile app

Mobile app for Android and iOS. You can use it to change intensity of your hookah or create a diary with your sessions.


Mobile box

Portable version of hookamonk. It's possible to use it with any table you have. All you need is source of electricity and wifi connection.

[photo] Hookamonk box product photo


Specific table designed for hookamonk. Display is built in. All electronic is built in. You only add shisha with an electronic head.

[photo] Hookamonk table product photo



Lounge app


  • Management of Hookamonk devices
  • Overview of running sessions
  • Monitoring of session run time
  • Maintenance status
  • Allows to remotely control hookahs

Mobile app


  • Manage intensity of your hookah session
  • Track your sessions and rate them
  • Track tobaccos you've tried and keep them in diary
  • Earn hookacoins
  • [photo] Hookamonk mobile app available on Apple App Store [photo] Hookamonk mobile app available on Google Play

[photo] Hookamonk mobile app